Are Hoverboards Safe?

Hoverboards are one of the most popular gadgets for individuals of different ages. They are now becoming increasingly popular as using a hoverboard in Australia as it’s becoming a trend. People love the ease and convenience of hoverboards for short- to medium-distance travelling. It’s why people are willing to spend large amounts of money on these hoverboards.

The first hoverboards were simpler, but with time and market demand—they became more versatile. The first hoverboard could only travel on straight and smooth surfaces and was designed for urban travel alone. However, as hoverboards have become common for enthusiasts and thrill-loving individuals—we now have more options. 

You can choose between the standard hoverboard and all-terrain ones, depending on the ones you like the most. The outdoor hoverboards are much more efficient and safer than the standard ones but also cost more. The average cost of a hoverboard is $150 to $250 in Australia, depending on the brand, features, and model you choose. 

While all these features and options sound great, there’s more to them. For starters, hoverboards are typically a little riskier. According to reports, nearly 40% of hoverboard accidents result in fractures and injuries. 

That’s a high number, but it isn’t exact because of hoverboard safety. It’s a bit more complicated, which is why we will discuss whether hoverboards are safe or not. Before we get onto these details, let’s take a step back and overview what these hoverboards are.

The term “hoverboard” is primarily a self-balancing skateboard that Australians and people worldwide commonly use. However, these hoverboards typically consist of two wheels connected to moveable footpads. These flexible footpads offer great control over the gadget during riding sessions.

The riders can adjust the hoverboard’s speed by shifting their weight to the front or tilting the pads forward or backward while turning to move it in the desired direction.

With the increasing demand for these hoverboards, more prototypes are now being introduced. These newer hoverboards are much better than the ones available before. They offer the following features:

  • Increased mobility
  • Efficiency
  • Ease of use

With such amazing features, these hoverboards are now safer for users of all groups. They are equally popular with kids and other individuals around the globe.

Hoverboards have transformed from a common method of urban transport to something used in extreme sports. According to reports, people readily purchase these hoverboards, keeping their mechanism in mind. 

Hoverboards operate on the basic principle of shifting weight. The riders stand upright on it and move their bodies in the desired direction. For example, if you want to move forward, simply lean forward slightly, and the hoverboard should start moving. We recommend doing it carefully if you’re new to riding, or you could trip and fall. 

Moreover, these hoverboards have additional sensors added to the gadget to determine the hoverboard’s direction. A simple computer system installed on the back of the hoverboard determines travel direction. 

The newest hoverboards introduced by leading manufacturers also feature artificial wheels. These are a better option instead of traditional wheels. Some of these newer hoverboards, like Hooveroo’s Elektra Hoverboard, also have self-balancing technology. 

The riders can easily travel on the hoverboard without worrying about falling, even on uneven surfaces. They can adjust their pace and direction—allowing maximum control. The high-performance ones can even keep up with fast-moving vehicles without compromising balance. 

Usually, there’s higher wheel friction with the frame of the hoverboard, allowing it to travel at a higher pace. However, certain risks may be involved with these hoverboards that may go unnoticed initially. 

Yes, there are instances of hoverboard accidents, but it’s more complicated than you may think. These hoverboards are not unsafe, but people can be a little careless with riding them—especially if they’re new. Risks of falling and injuries are typically higher if you don’t have sufficient experience with these hoverboards. 

Most commonly, new riders try to rev the hoverboards to their maximum potential. They speed it up as soon as they put their foot on the hoverboard—which is highly risky. It’s easy for new riders to lose control of the hoverboard and slam to the ground. Most hoverboard accidents report collisions because of losing control of the hoverboard.

However, if you’re new to riding these gadgets, we recommend taking time with them. You should practice in short distances before taking the hoverboards out for a spin on a longer route. 

The latest hoverboards available in the market are safe, thanks to their ergonomic designs. Manufacturers know riders use these gadgets only for travel. They are now used for doing interesting tricks, making it extreme support. 

The companies thus design the hoverboards accordingly. For example, the latest hoverboards also come with a grabbing handle allowing more control for the riders.

Hoverboard safety concerns are one of the hottest topics in the industry. Manufacturers and government organisations both want the same thing—rider safety. Although hoverboard accidents happen, the idea is often blown out of proportion.

People fail to understand that many of these accidents are the rider’s fault and the gadgets. Moreover, there’s no substantial proof that hoverboards are more dangerous than other modes of transport, such as the following:

  • Skateboards
  • Bicycles
  • BMXs

Hoverboards in Australia are similar to these devices. However, you need more than just a good hoverboard. Developing the right riding skills can also impact your experience with these hoverboards. You may need more time for training if the one starting is a kid. Remember, falling is a part of the process, but you should work on making your rides as safe as possible. 

Hoverboards are relatively slower than bicycles. They take up less space, so fitting them into smaller locations is also easier. However, you should not use hoverboards on the road unless they are specifically designed for them. 

Moreover, there’s a higher injury chance if you ride these hoverboards in more conventional areas such as:

  • Uneven surfaces
  • Hallways
  • Dirty roads
  • Busy sidewalks

Safety concerns for hoverboards have long been under discussion. Professionals within the industry are designing efficient, safer, and better hoverboards—but that’s not all. Riders are also responsible for ensuring their safety while riding the gadgets. 

For instance, using the right safety gear can significantly make your rides safer. If you check the hoverboard accessories and gear available—you’ll see a lot to choose from. The safety gear has several options, but these gears are divided into the following categories:

Hoverboard safety has been under discussion for quite some time. However, you can make your rides safer by investing in good-quality wrist guards, elbow pads, and other safety materials to minimise the chances of injuries. Remember, hoverboard injuries include falling or having a collision. Riders may face different injuries based on the impact area or the accident type.  

However, these injuries are similar to those in cycling or skateboarding. We recommend properly assessing your riding style and needs before picking the safety gear for your next ride. It will make your trips safer.

If you don’t know the best options to purchase safety gear and other essentials, please check Hoveroo. They offer the finest hoverboards, accessories, and other essentials to make hoverboard riding safe and easy.