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  • Are Hoverboards banned?

No absolutely not! Despite popular belief hoverboards are not banned in Australia. 

Hoveroo Hoverboards have been and still are extensively tested in Australia. Exceeding all standards for battery safety imposed by the Australian Government. Hoveroo Hoverboards are Fully Compliant, Legal and UL Certified.

You can own & operate your Hoveroo Hoverboard without any worry of legal backlash.

  • How long will my order take to be delivered?

All orders are fulfilled from our warehouse in Sydney within 24 hours. We only use Australia Post as a shipping carrier for maximum reliability. Enjoy Free Shipping with every order, we got you covered. If you need your order quicker we also offer Express Shipping options.

Delivery times Australia-Wide:

Free Shipping: 4 - 7 Days 

Express Shipping: 1 - 3 Days 

  • Are Hoverboards safe for kids?

Yes, absolutely! We set the industry standard for safety with our hoverboards. At Hoveroo safety isn't just another feature, it's our #1 Priority. 

All of our Hoverboards go through intense testing in Australia until we're 100% confident in their safety and reliability. They're designed, programmed and built with children safety & protection in mind. We guarantee 100% safety for any child with a weight of over 20 kgs. This lower limit has been fixed to ensure that the system effectively self-balances itself.

  • How long does the battery Last?

The battery in our hoverboards takes about 2-4 hours to charge fully. This translates to power for about 10-15 kilometers of run time.

  • Do Hoverboards catch on fire?

No, absolutely not! This is a common myth that's simply not true. In 2016 there were reports of Hoverboards catching on fire, all of those hoverboards were sold by sellers that did not meet the safety requirements. 

At Hoveroo safety is our number one priority. All of our hoverboards are tested extensively in Australia under strict supervision. We can guarantee a 100% Fire-Safe Guarantee on each of our Hoverboards! 

  • Are hoverboards safe to use in the rain?

Our hoverboards are IP54 water resistant. Making it fit for use with light splashes of water and a decent amount of dust. However, we recommended not to ride your hoverboard in puddles, and in extreme wet weather.

  • How long does it take to learn?

The time to learn is different for each person. However, on an average, users take up to 5 minutes to stand comfortably on the board. Add another 30-45 minutes to master the movements on the board. For you to practice, it is recommended that you use a flat carpet, in a room with lots of open space and no objects with sharp corners. Once you’re comfortable with riding on a flat carpet, you should gradually shift to hardwood floors, etc. Basically, the average user can learn how to safely ride a hoverboard within an hour or two.