Elektra Carry Bag
Elektra Carry Bag
Elektra Carry Bag
Elektra Carry Bag
Elektra Carry Bag
Elektra Carry Bag
Elektra Carry Bag
Elektra Carry Bag
Elektra Carry Bag
Elektra Carry Bag

"My 9 year old loves this. Easy to use & battery lasts a long time. She learned how to use it in less than 5 minutes & she had never rode one before." - Mary S.

"My 9 year old loves this. Easy to use & battery lasts a long time. She learned how to use it in less than 5 minutes & she had never rode one before." - Mary S.

"My 9 year old loves this. Easy to use & battery lasts a long time. She learned how to use it in less than 5 minutes & she had never rode one before." - Mary S.

The best storage for hoverboards 

Elektra Carry Bag


Easy storage

Comfortable straps

Lightweight design

Durable material

Secure closure

Designed for 6.5” hoverboards

Free Shipping

1-Year Warranty

The Elektra Carry Bag: to make transportation fun and easy!

Designed to make transportation easy, the Elektra Carry Bag is perfect for travel, allowing you to take your hoverboard on vacations, road trips, or to any destination with ease.

Additionally, the carry bag offers protection from potential damages or scratches caused during transport.

Made specifically for 6.5” hoverboards (standard size), our carry bag makes it easy to transport your hoverboard wherever you go, ensuring the safety and protection of your self-balancing scooter.

Effortless transportation

The Hoveroo Carry Bag is designed with comfortable straps and lightweight material to carry your hoverboard.

Designed for 6.5” hoverboards

The Hoveroo Carry Bag is compatible with the standard size for hoverboards.


 All of our stock is maintained in our Sydney facility. This means your hoverboard is already in Australia and just waiting to be shipped out to you

Adopt the Hoverboard Carry Bag by Hoveroo.

An easy and safe way to carry your hoverboard everywhere! 

High-quality material

Designed FOR hoverboards


easy storage

The Elektra Carry bag: comfortable and easy to carry

With shoulder straps and extra padding, our carry bag ensures a comfortable experience while reducing strain on your shoulders during transportation.

When not in use, the compact design of the carry bag enables easy storage, keeping your kids’ hoverboard safe until their next adventure.

High-quality carry bag to protect your kid’s hoverboard at all times!

Made from high-quality, weather-resistant materials, the Elektra carry bag is designed to protect your child’s hoverboard from potential damage such as scratches. The bag features a reliable zipper closure that keeps your hoverboard safely enclosed and protected during transport.

Finally, to cushion your child’s hoverboard from any bumps or impacts during transportation, the bag’s interior is equipped with padding for extra protection. 

Strong zipper

Extra padding

Weather-resistant material

Compatible with standard-size hoverboards

The Hoveroo Elektra carry bag is specifically tailored to accommodate 6,5” hoverboards (standard size); ensuring a secure and snug fit for your Hoveroo Elektra Hoverboard. The bag is compatible with the Elektra Hoverboard, the best kid’s hoverboard in Australia! 

Hoverboard bag to carry your Elektra in style 

With the hoverboard carry bag, you can carry around your Elektra in style. Our carry bag comes in a discreet and soft black colour to carry your self-balancing scooter everywhere.

This carry bag has enough room to keep your hoverboard and protective gear together. Your helmet pro can also be clicked to your bag’s straps so you don’t forget your essentials when you go on hoverboarding adventures. 

Technical Specifications

Certification : UL2272/CE/FC

Charging Time : 2 - 3 hours

Battery Life : 10 - 15km

Water Resistant : IPx5 Water Resistant

Max Speed : 13 - 16km/h

Max Weight : 100kg

Motor : 2x 250W Motors

Hoverboard Weight : 7.5kg

Battery Life : 10 - 15km

Hoverboard Size : 63.5 x 24 x 32.5cm

Power Source : Compatible with Australian Outlets

Tyre : 6.5" Solid Rubber


Presenting the Hoveroo Complete Pack: Your Kid's Modern-Day Playground!

The essential complete pack
for your kid

Elektra Hoverboard

Black Elektra

Elektra Hoverkart

Elektra Hoverkart

Elektra Helmet

Elektra Helmet

Elektra Protective Gear

Elektra Protective Gear

$449.95 $649.95


Join over 20,000 happy customers and happy hoverboard riders

5 stars icon

I gifted this to my son on his 8th Birthday and he absolutely loved it.It was very easy to use and he learnt it in a minute with confidence.

Thanks Hoveroo for this amazing product.


5 stars icon

I bought this as Birthday Present for my 11 yr old boy.
He absolutely loved it & So did we.

My husband tried it for the first time and was easy for him to ride along. Worth the money


5 stars icon

I bought 2 for my kids. One is 5 and one is 3 years old. They both learnt to ride it on the same day. Lots of gigles and fun. Its the best toy we ever bought for our kids. The battery lasts for up to 4 hours continuous play time.


5 stars icon

Best Hoverboard! My 8 year old daughter absolutely loves this hoverboard. Delivery was so fast and everything has exceed our expectations. Well done guys.


5 stars icon

9.5yo daughter LOVES it!!
Better than expected! Super quiet and the lights are pretty. My daughter love the purple chrime color. Haven't tried the Bluetooth music part, but it doesns't really need it. Vry happy with this!!

Jenna B

5 stars icon

Great Product!! Bought for my 5 year old grandson for Christmas. He got the hang of it in no time and was zooming around the house. The lights are a cool feature. Great quality for the price.

Heater Joy

5 stars icon

Happy after a year!The battery seems to last forever with the amount of time my daughter spends on this hover board. The speackers for the Bluetooth sound so clear. She's used it inside and outside and it's held up amazingly for a year now.

Eric H

5 stars icon

A reward
Arrived in about a week, awesome quality, and easy to work on. Both kids and I are using it. Best behavious kids can get more time on it. Oh...So far so good 💯


5 stars icon

My 5 year old granddaughter received a hoverkart for her birthday. She only just reaches the foot rests. Loves it. The other granddaughter are now wanting one each for their birthdays.

Maree Mcfarlane

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For the best hoverboarding experience, make sure you get your kid the full Hoveroo equipment with our helmet, protective gear, and carry bag. You might also want to look at The Hoverkart, a seated hoverboard to add a little extra fun to your kid’s ride.

Need help? Hoveroo at your service.

Happy kiddos in action

Look at these daring explorers! They’re so brave and adventurous, no wonder they can’t imagine life without their hoverboard.

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Safety tested
in Australia

Best gift for
your KIDS

customer service


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Are Hoverboards safe for children?

Yes, absolutely! Our hoverboards are highly safe for children with a weight of over 20 kgs. This lower limit has been fixed to ensure that the system effectively self-balances itself.

Are Hoverboards banned?

No absolutely not! Hoveroo Hoverboards are extensively tested in Australia & exceed all safety standards. Hoveroo Hoverboards are Fully Compliant, legal and UL Certified.

You can own & operate your Hoveroo Hoverboard without any worry of legal backlash.