How Does a Hoverboard work?

  1. What is a Hoverboard?

Hoverboards are small, portable electric vehicles with two wheels that are also referred to as self-balancing scooters. They debuted in the market in 2015, and since then, their popularity has grown. A rider is standing on a platform between the two wheels and propelled by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. The platform is big enough for the rider's two feet, plus enough room for them to balance.

The wheels travel in the direction that the rider leans—forward, or backward. The rider's weight is held by a system of sensors and pressure pads, preventing them from sliding forward (but there is some balance involved).

  1. Main Parts of a Hoverboard

A good hoverboard has four essential parts: a platform, a set of wheels, an electric motor powered by batteries, gyroscopes, and sensors. Gyroscope helps to keep the board upright, and get data through the sensors mounted on the wheels . Pressure sensors are built into each foot pad, and when a signal is sent based on the position of the rider's feet, the wheels  moved. One sensor response is evoked when leaning forward, and another response is evoked  when leaning backward.

The hoverboard can move in circles because each wheel has its own motor. One can learn pretty quickly how to operate a hoverboard with a bit of training.

Gyroscope: The hoverboard's most crucial component, the gyroscope, modifies the platform's tilt to maintain the rider's balance. Hoverboards are frequently referred to as "gyro scooters" because of how crucial it is to how they work.

Microprocessor: This control how much power is supplied to the wheels.

Battery: The hoverboard's electrical energy and charge are stored in a lithium-ion battery. Typically, it takes 2-3       hours to fully charge and may travel up to 10-15 km .

Motor: When you tilt, it turns on the wheels using data from the logic board.

Tilt and Speed Sensor: By determining how swiftly the wheels are in motion and interacting with the gyroscope and logic board, the tilt and speed sensors manage the hoverboard's speed.

Logic board: it processes the data from various sensors and sends the information to the motors. This provides the required movements and directions as well as a balanced device. 

Pressure Pads: Riders' feet are positioned on pressure pads. They communicate both their intended direction of travel and the fact that they are riding to the logic board.

Two Wheels: Depending on the manufacturer, these come in various sizes. 

Power Switch: The board's power switch turns it on and off.

  1. Working of Hoverboards
    1. Backward and forward movement:

In order to keep the rider stable, straight, and traveling at a consistent speed, all the mentioned parts work together to govern the hoverboard's power and tilt. But how does it function technically?

Each wheel is equipped with a gyroscope, tilt sensor, and speed sensor. The gyroscope instructs the logic board which way to go when you get on and tilt your weight forward or backward. The motor receives the data from the logic board, turns the wheels, and produces power to propel you forward. Thus, the gyroscope, along with the logic board and other sencors keeps rider straiht and balanced. 

    1. Stopping:

When you are not tilting, data is sent to the logic board via Infrared sensor and pressing pads located beneath the foot platform. That instructs the logic board to stop operating the motor, preventing movement of the board. 

    1. Turning:

The hoverboard will only move the right wheel when the rider moves their right leg forward. By doing so, the left wheel's motor is turned off, allowing the board to turn to the left. The rider advances their left foot to make a right turn. Tilt one leg forward if you wish to move in circles. If your standing upfront, to turn right, move the left leg, and to turn left, move the right leg.  This makes sure that the rider will stay balanced while riding on hoverboard.

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