How to Choose the Right Hoverboard for Your Child

Children are always looking for the next big thing. It doesn’t matter if it’s an electronic device, a toy, or something else. This is why parents are constantly scrambling to find the best gift they can provide their children. You might have many questions if you plan to get a hoverboard for your child’s next birthday. Are hoverboards dangerous? How much does a hoverboard cost? How to pick the right option for your kid? Can you find boards specially designed for kids?

This post will discuss various aspects of hoverboards and tips to find the perfect gadget for your child. At the end of the blog, you will get answers to most of your questions. So, read on to learn more!

Hoverboards come in different sizes, so no one misses the chance to get on an adventurous ride on this gadget. You can choose the perfect size based on your child’s weight and age. Also, hoverboards are categorised into different sizes based on their wheel size, measured in inches. Here are the three most common sizes of hoverboards. 

  • 6.5 Inch Hoverboards
  • Wondering if a hoverboard is suitable for a 7-year-old? If your child is eight or younger, they might struggle to carry big hoverboards. In that case, a 6.5-inch board is ideal for your kid. If you choose a bigger hoverboard, it will create problems in mounting and handling. Therefore, look for a size based on your child’s age. 

    The maximum weight limit of this series is around 200 lbs. Your kid doesn’t need to worry about charging, as the battery gets full in just 2 hours and will last for about 20 km, which is great for young ones. Since these are designed for children, you can find attractive designs, funky colours, and gorgeous prints for kids. 

  • 8.5 Inch Hoverboards
  • Older kids and teenagers love amazing hoverboard rides. Children above eight have sufficient expertise and riding experience to make the most of the gadget and carry it easily wherever they want. So, an 8.5-inch hoverboard is the best option for them. In general, the minimum weight capacity of these gadgets is 20 kg. 

    It also has a broader base, making it suitable for teenagers and older kids. The maximum carry weight is around 100 Kg. The complete distance coverage and charge limitations are similar to the 6.5-inch hoverboard mentioned above. 

  • 9/10 Inch Hoverboards
  • A 9 or 10-inch hoverboard is perfect for teenagers and older kids as they are sturdy. The wheels are extremely robust, and the brakes are super comprehensive. 

    You can find appealing designs on these hoverboards, which help you ride in style. Typically, kids above the age of 13 years don’t prefer tacky colours and designs. But they can opt for catchy patterns that suit their requirements. 

    One of the primary reasons why hoverboards are so popular among children is that they learn to balance on two wheels. Hoverboard is incredibly safe for children if they have the right safety gear and know the tricks to ride it.  

    You just need to look for a board with good stability, especially when your kid is learning. This will allow them to learn to balance and build confidence for riding other things like scooters or bikes in future. 

    Although you will choose a safe hoverboard, getting your child to wear protective gear like Hoveroo™ Protective Gear and Hoveroo™ Helmet Pro is important. These gears keep your little one safe, especially if they are new to riding. 

    Hoverboards designed for children don’t have high speed. But you still need to check the speed before buying the product. The typical speed range for kids’ boards is 6 to 9 miles per hour. 

    You can opt for higher-speed boards for older teens or kids who have mastered riding hoverboards. If you want your child to go a little slower, you can discuss it with them to ensure they're safer.

    The weight of your child is another important consideration when purchasing a hoverboard. Look for a board that supports the weight of your kid. Many boards specially designed for children support riders of weight above 220 lbs. 

    But some don’t go above 115 lbs - a few also have a weight capacity of fewer than 115 lbs. Children younger than 8 are suitable candidates for gadgets with a lower weight capacity. However, if your child is 13 or above, you may look for higher weight capacities. 

    If you want to make the right decision, it’s best to comprehend everything about the gadget before you invest your money in it - the child’s interest and requirements should not be the only deciding factor. It’s best to understand what your board has to offer to provide your little one with a fine quality and safe hoverboard. These gadgets are composed of both mechanical and electrical parts. Here are a few things to look for in the structure to pick the right option.

    • It should have a strong, well-manufactured frame to support the rider’s weight. 
    • The control board should be advanced and fast. Note that the control board detects the body’s movement and sends appropriate signals throughout the board to maintain balance. 
    • The wheels need to offer a smooth ride and excellent maneuverability. Kid’s tires are strategically designed to prevent getting punctured on the hard surface but are likely to wear and tear. Teen kids can opt for rubber tire boards, which are sturdier and long-lasting. 
    • Its motor should have good quality and the ability to reach maximum speed, suggested by the manufacturer.  

    Hoverboards are for fun, so they should be easy to maintain. Children are impatient and don’t like long waiting hours while their hoverboards are charging. Therefore, Hoveroo’s Elektra Hoverboard gets fully charged in 2 to 3 hours. Not only do they offer quick charging, but they also allow 15 km of ride per charge. It also comes with overcharge and discharge protection to offer longer battery life. 

    We hope you now know about the various factors that impact the working and safety of hoverboards. Considering these factors when purchasing a hoverboard for your kids will help you make the right decision and keep your child safe. Besides that, there are several laws that you need to learn before you buy these gadgets to avoid making mistakes. 

    If you are looking for the best board for your kid, then a reliable and trustable brand like Hoveroo can help you in this case. This brand aims to provide fine products that are durable, cost-efficient, and long-lasting. Getting a hoverboard from them will allow your child to enjoy every moment of the ride. So, don’t wait and contact Hoveroo and get your hands on the amazing products. You can ask any questions you want to get satisfied with the product before purchasing.