Are E-Scooters Safe to Ride in Australia?

Scooters and hoverboards are one of the most popular modes of transportation in Australia. Finding a hoverboard in Australia is no longer a big problem because of its increasing popularity. People are using scooters and hoverboards to do more than track.

There’s a variety of different tricks people perform on these gadgets. The popularity is increasing so quickly that many people are now considering the scooters as an ideal option for riders who want to take it as extreme sports. Because of this reason, the scooters now have a variety of design options as well. Australians love having control over the scooters and dashing through thin spaces on these scooters to commute quicker.

If you are in Australia, you have more scooter options than ever. Manufacturers are designing these scooters keeping client-specific details in mind. With the help of these scooters, riders can easily find comfortable riding options. Some scooters offer additional options like Bluetooth technology and self-balancing capabilities. However, with the additional features you choose, you may also have to pay a slightly higher price for them. The average cost of an electric scooter ranges from $300 to $500, depending on the make and manufacturer of the hoverboards and scooters.

Because of their ergonomic designs, hoverboards and e-scooters available in the market are completely safe. Manufacturers understand that riders use these e-scooters for more than travel. As a result, the companies design the hoverboards accordingly. For example, the most recent hoverboards include a grabbing handle that gives the riders maximum control over the hoverboards.

With the increasing demand for these hoverboards, manufacturers aim to make them as safe as possible. The latest e-scooters also come with self-balancing capabilities that reduce the chances of skidding or collision. Riders can safely travel large distances and on different surfaces on these scooters. The e-scooters allow users to choose their pace while operating on a simple weight-shifting mechanism. For instance, the riders can move the e-scooter forward by slowly leaning the foot pads to the front. Similarly, they can push down on the platform and move the handle to turn the hoverboards easily.

It’s an ideal option for users that want to get the best experience and speeds without worrying about getting injured. Kids electric scooter safety concerns are under consistent check because of these devices’ increasing number of accidents. However, those interested in purchasing these e-scooters should know that they are not unsafe. It’s because it’s a little more complicated than just colliding into something because of a poor gadget.

People fail to recognize that many of these accidents are the fault of the rider rather than the gadgets. Furthermore, there is no convincing evidence that these self-balancing scooters are more dangerous than other modes of transportation, such as the following:

  • Skateboards;
  • Bicycles;
  • BMXs.

Self-balancing scooters or hoverboards in Australia and their safety depend greatly on who drives them. Riders require more than just a good gadget. For instance, developing proper riding skills also impacts the experience. Moreover, the rider’s age also makes a massive difference—children may require more time training. Remember that falling is an inevitable part of the process, but you should strive to make your rides as safe as possible. It’s why manufacturers now offer dedicated scooters for both on-road and off-roading. The off-roading e-scooters are also called all-terrain gadgets and are popular among those interested.

There’s a higher chance that you will encounter an injury if you ride the e-scooters in the following places:

  • Busy sidewalks;
  • Hallways;
  • Uneven surfaces.

There’s no denying that e-scooter injuries are becoming an increasing problem for users around Australia. According to statistics, nearly 40% of hoverboard accidents result in fractures. Many of these accidents also cause smaller injuries, which can take months to fully recover.

People get overly excited with their e-scooters and try to overestimate their riding skills. While the e-scooters are primarily designed for urban settings—riders take them along uneven surfaces. The e-scooters stay stable on most surfaces, but an uneven base increases the chances of losing control while riding.

The kind of e-scooter you choose for your rides also determines your safety. Since a wide variety of options are available, choosing the right one may become more challenging. To help you decide, we have lined up some of the top e-scooter features to make your rides safer.

The first consideration for the right e-scooter is its design. You need an e-scooter with an ergonomic design so you can ride it to the fullest. The right design adds to the stability and balance of the e-scooter, improving the riding experience. You can check specific features offered by manufacturers and pick one of your choices. For instance, Hooveroo’s Elektra Hoverboard is a good option for safe riding. It features self-balancing to ensure riders have a safer experience.

The biggest reason why e-scooter riders have accidents is that they slip. When e-scooters have less grip, riders may fall. It’s why experts recommend purchasing an e-scooter with a good tire size for maximum on-road grip. You should also pick threaded tires, allowing maximum riding comfort and traction. You can check the e-scooter wheel details before you purchase it.

Even the best e-scooter is not worth your money if it doesn’t offer the right comfort. It’s common for riders to develop back pain or other issues with time. This is where the e-scooter suspension helps. The e-scooters have one of the following three types of suspensions installed:

  • Spring;
  • Rubber;
  • Hydraulic/air piston.

The hydraulic air piston is usually the best, but we suggest the specific type offered by your chosen company. It will make your experience better.

What’s the one thing that prevents riders from slamming into a surface? Brakes. Having the option to stop quickly is a priority for many riders. Depending on their design, you can find various kinds of brakes in e-scooters. These brake options include the following:

  • Foot;
  • Electric;
  • Drum;
  • Disc.

Disc brakes are the most effective for the fastest stopping power. However, you can save a lot on maintenance costs by using electric brakes instead.

Features like rear and front lights for added visibility during night-time visibility help. You should also find an e-scooter with an ingress protection (IP) rating for better riding during rain. The IP rating is the water and dust resistance of the e-scooter.

Riding e-scooters is one of the best experiences you can have. Hoverboards in Australia are becoming increasingly popular but might be a bit risky. However, you can always make them safer with the right gear and equipment. We also recommend adding wrist guards and elbow pads to your list to add more to your on-road safety. It’s the complete package to make e-scooter riding safer and more efficient. If you don’t know where to purchase these products, Hoveroo is your go-to option. E-scooter enthusiasts can purchase the finest products from the websites and have a great experience. We recommend you get started now.