The unexpected health benefits of Hoverboards – every child needs one!!

Every child wants a hoverboard, and let’s be honest most of us adults are quite keen to give them a go ourselves. 

As parents, we’re always trying to get our children away from technology and out of their rooms or off the couch and it isn’t always an easy task. Our children just aren’t as active as they should be with many children barely participating in sport, let alone going out for a walk. 

Finding something more exciting than the latest series or Xbox game can be challenging but fortunately, we’ve got you covered. Hoverboards aren’t just fun and trust us, they are seriously a lot of fun, but they also come along with a heap of benefits. So next time your child asks for one, let them talk you into it, you won’t regret it.

Improved mental focus 

As with anything new, it takes a bit of perseverance and a whole lot of concentration to become proficient. But it doesn’t end there, every time your child whizzes off on their hoverboard they need to be focused – it takes quite a bit of concentration to stay upright and keep your balance, especially when moving fast. 

Riding a hoverboard not only improves your concentration and balance but also helps sharpen your reflexes. Balancing requires you to be constantly shifting forwards and backwards - lean too far one way and you’re heading for a fall.  

When it comes to proficiency on a hoverboard, it’s a combination of concentration, balance, and sharp reflexes – you have to be aware of how your feet are positioned on the board, where you are placing your weight and then you need to be able to make micro-adjustments along the way!

It's a form of exercise!

Yes, believe it or not, it is actually a form of exercise and a fun one at that! It may not seem like it when you watch someone effortlessly riding one, but a mere half an hour is reported to burn around 300 calories. You can’t ride a hoverboard without engaging your muscles – you need muscle control and abdominal strength to navigate your way around. It’s a full workout without you even knowing it.

Posture, posture, posture

We all spend far too much time hunched over laptops, sitting on the couch, and looking down at our phones as we text or search away. This places an incredible amount of strain on your lower back. Slouching and hunching over is never going to work on a hoverboard. Riding a hoverboard requires you to engage your core which leads to your back straightening – we love unintended benefits.  

Happy times

As we said hoverboards are seriously fun and half an hour on a hoverboard will give your child a break from all the stress they are under. Our bodies need fresh air, and our brains need a break from screens. Half an hour on a hoverboard is enough to reenergise your child’s body and mind. You may just want to get one yourself and join the fun!