Top Reasons to buy a Hoverkart

Hoverkarts, taking fun to the next level!!

You’ve been reaping the benefits of our incredible hoverboard and now it's time to double the fun with a Hoverkart. A hoverkart will easily transform your hoverboard into a go-kart in a few minutes.

It's super easy to learn and for those of you still getting to grips with navigating your hoverboard, this is an ideal way to have fun from a comfortable hoverboard seat – no balance practice required!!

This is the perfect addition for every family, especially if you have younger children. Before you know it, your driveway will have been turned into the latest F1 track. Younger kids can battle to balance at first but with a hoverkart, they will be whizzing off right from the start. 

And for grown-ups, it’s the ideal way to overcome your fears and trust us, once you’ve given it a go, you won’t want to stop. Your children’s biggest problem will be getting you off so they can have a bash.

When it comes to racing, well we all know aerodynamics plays an important role! Seated back, low to the ground, everyone is safe to be racing around at higher speeds. At least you don’t need to worry about losing your balance and falling – though we definitely recommend wearing a helmet.

Family fun

The hoverkart opens up a whole new world when it comes to fun - pop a wheelie, try a ramp – family challenges are the ultimate way to bond and besides, beating the kids, is always a win. Getting our kids off the couch is always a challenge, and getting them to spend time with the family can be a bigger one. But fortunately, we’ve got you covered!!

Hoverkarts are serious fun for the whole family – everyone can try them! Bringing the family together has never been easier. Set up challenges, obstacle courses, and time your ‘laps’. Winners get to choose what’s for dinner. The options are endless.

A host of benefits

Hoverkarts are great for the whole family and what we love about hoverkarts are the unintended health benefits.

Riding a hoverkart gets your heart rate up and a bit of sweat building – we happen to think that counts as a bit of gym.

It helps improve your mental focus, coordination and reflexes. Any time away from the couch and screens gives your brain a much-needed break and we’re sure we don’t need to tell you about the benefits of fresh air.

Double the fun

But most importantly it's about having fun in a healthy way. It’s a way to connect as a family and perfect for those parent-children bonding sessions. Hoverboard and hoverkart family championships are a great way to teach your children some invaluable life skills, like being a good sport, being able to laugh at yourself, overcoming fears and helping and supporting each other.