What Size of a Hoverboard Is Good For a 10-Year-Old?

Getting a hoverboard for kids is a fun-filled experience if you know how to do it correctly. The demand for hoverboards has increased in the past few decades, with more people purchasing them. With the higher demand, hoverboards have become popular for all age groups.

Several hoverboard manufacturers have introduced different models and versions of these hoverboards, making them one of the most sought-after products online. While hoverboards are common among adults and children, they are more common among children. Unfortunately, many children end up having accidents on their hoverboards yearly. Does that mean hoverboards are unsafe?

There is a common misconception regarding the safety of children in hoverboards. Most adults believe hoverboards are unsafe, but that’s far from the truth. It’s no longer challenging to find the safest hoverboard for kids; however, you should know the right company. Most unreliable hoverboard sellers compromise on quality, making them more dangerous.

However, that’s more of a manufacturer’s issue than a hoverboard itself. Therefore, the best way to avoid these complications is to purchase the right one for your child. Children aged 10 are excited to start riding hoverboards, but it is your job to ensure you purchase the right ones.

One of the biggest challenges with finding the right hoverboard for your kid is knowing your options. Several hoverboard manufacturers claim to be professionals, but most may have poorly designed and unsafe hoverboards. Nearly 40% of hoverboard accidents cause fractures, which is highly risky. It’s your job to protect your child against such scenarios, requiring the right hoverboard for purchase. We’ve outlined the key features while choosing the hoverboard for your kid.

The hoverboards come in different shapes and sizes, which can help determine the right size for your kid. While you can always check out the hoverboard size chart, it’s necessary to learn your options. Most 6.5-inch wheels are designed for indoor riding, as they are more stable for even surfaces, whereas the 10-inch wheels are ideal for children aged 10 and older. They have better support, provide substantial weight management, and can provide a smooth riding experience.

The wheels’ size determines the weight distribution and can go up to 13 inches (widely installed in hoverboards for adults). We also recommend considering your child’s weight and then picking the right hoverboard.

Safety is a major consideration for parents who want to purchase hoverboards for their 10-year-olds. Children can easily become careless while riding their hoverboards because they’re exciting. However, it’s your job to pick the right one for them.

While a “safe” hoverboard doesn’t guarantee 100% accident prevention, it increases your child’s control over these hoverboards. Remember, the self-balancing scooter uses the principle of weight management; the hoverboard you choose should have good-quality sensors installed.

This way, the child stays in control even when practising special tricks and moves. Another smart way to make their travel safer is by purchasing protective gear. The safety gear provides added protection in case your child falls or has a collision. There’s a variety of different safety essentials you can purchase, but here are the most crucial ones

  • Gloves
  • Helmets
  • Knee pads

Once your child has sufficient practice with handling these hoverboards, they may travel without it indoors or for shorter distances.

The weight of the hoverboard is another major factor in choosing the right gadget for your child. As a general rule, remember that your hoverboard should readily support your child’s weight if you don’t want them to get into a problem.

The hoverboard components are designed to keep the weight capacity within the limit. Even if your child rides the hoverboard at maximum speed but is within the weight capacity—they’re safe. On the other hand, the hoverboard could break down instantly if you overburden it. Moreover, the weight of the hoverboard itself is a key player as well. For instance, if your child isn’t too strong, a hoverboard that’s too heavy may become a liability.

We recommend checking the product’s weight capacity before purchasing it for your child. For instance, the Elektra hoverboard is a viable option for you. It has a sensitive weight sensor designed to make your child’s riding fun and smooth.  

The height of the hoverboard matters as it connects directly to the gadget’s safety. For instance, the taller your hoverboard is, the more unstable it normally is. The risk of falling increases in case of an uneven road. Therefore, we recommend following a balanced approach. For this reason, most reputable hoverboard manufacturers provide details regarding their product heights. Before purchasing, you can view their size charts or discuss the product details with customer support.

We also recommend carefully picking the height based on your child’s age. An eight-inch wheel usually suffices for children aged 10. Depending on the design, they can support a weight between 20 kg and 100 kg. Your child can continue riding these hoverboards problem-free thanks to higher support management.

The speed of your child’s hoverboard is a major factor in its safety. Children are likelier to run their hoverboards at maximum speed if the gadgets let them. Therefore, purchasing a hoverboard for your children with optimal speed matters.

Your child may not have the skills to handle these fast-paced hoverboards immediately. Therefore, it’s best to let them practice with slower hoverboards first. This way, there are fewer chances of them getting injured in this process. 

The batteries installed in modern hoverboards are pretty efficient. They’re designed to last and can provide your child with an optimal experience. There’s more than one option for this battery life, but these hoverboards can sometimes last up to 12 hours.

If you connect them to the outlet, these batteries only require 3-4 hours to charge. However, never leave the batteries on charge overnight, or it could be a fire hazard. Since a 10-year-old is smart enough to recharge these scooters themselves, too, it takes the hassle of recharging them.

We’ve discussed various factors determining the right hoverboard for your 10-year-old. However, it all comes down to one question: What size of a hoverboard is ideal for a 10-year-old?

Remember, an 8-inch wheel hoverboard is ideal for your 10-year-old. It supports weights up to 100 kg, making it reliable. However, ensure choosing the right hoverboard brand if you don’t want to land in further issues.

Hoverboards are a great gift for your child if you want them to have a fun experience. It’s a portable and efficient transportation mode. There are a variety of different models, colours, and designs for hoverboards for your 10-year-old. You can purchase the hoverboard of your choice and ensure your child has the most fun riding them. Hoveroo is a great brand to get started with the 10-year olds hoverboard.