Things You Should Know Before You Buy a Hoverboard

Self-balancing scooters or hoverboards are one of the most popular gadgets. If we look at the recent market trends, a fun-filled transportation device like a hoverboard is a true revolution. It has overtaken most of the world as more people purchase these devices. Before you think how much money does a hoverboard cost, there’s more to know about them. For starters, these hoverboards have different models, making them ideal for almost everyone.

a child on a hoverboard with his parents

Moreover, these hoverboards may look somewhat similar on the outside, but that’s not the case if you consider the features and functionality. Therefore, a hoverboard purchase is a relatively challenging decision. These hoverboards cost somewhere between $150 and $250, depending on the specific hoverboard model you choose. It’s necessary to choose wisely if you’re spending such a large amount on a device.

It’s best suited to rely on a reputable company whilst purchasing a self-balancing scooter or hoverboard. It’s slightly riskier if you have no prior experience with these hoverboard purchases, and following a cautious approach is best.

Learning the basic aspects of these hoverboards before making a decision is the smartest way. Various factors are involved when purchasing a hoverboard, such as quality, durability, battery lifespan, etc. Here is a comprehensive breakdown of the basics to learn about before you purchase one.

Learning about the hoverboard function can help a buyer choose the right manufacturer for the job. Many hoverboard companies claim to be the best, but only a handful deliver what they promise. The hoverboards are simple mechanisms that involve a platform to step on and wheels on the sides to make the gadget move. They have the following simple components:

  • Microprocessors;
  • A motor;
  • A gyroscope;
  • A battery.

The gyroscope helps the device maintain balance when idle and during movement. The microprocessors provide the output from the motor and battery to the wheels to make them move. Riders only have to place their feet in the direction they wish to move. On the other hand, the riders can turn by placing a foot in the opposite direction of the one they want to go in.

Because of high market demand, there’s a variety of different hoverboards available in the market that buyers can choose between. Hoverboard enthusiasts must know their options to decide better. If you’ve never bought a hoverboard before, here are your options:


Two-wheel hoverboards are the most commonly purchased ones among customers. These hoverboards are much more stable and are ideal for new hoverboard riders. Because of double wheels, these self-balancing scooters have better on-road control and grip, saving the riders from tripping or falling. These hoverboards tend to go faster than average as they have more than one wheel. They are ideal for beginners and can provide added on-road safety.


The single-wheel hoverboards are the second most popular option for hoverboard enthusiasts. There are various single-wheel models to choose from, but the main difference is the size of the wheels in these hoverboards. However, single-wheel hoverboards generally occupy less space, making them ideal for busy road travel. Since these single-wheel hoverboards engage the body more, they’re a good way to get some basic exercise, even on the go.

The weight of the hoverboard is a major consideration because it shows the manufacturer’s prescribed capacity. You can ride the hoverboard at maximum speed, but it’s best not to test its weight capacity. Manufacturers determine the hoverboards’ weight capacity based on the design and the components within the gadgets.

Similarly, as a buyer, you should consider the hoverboard’s weight. It’s slightly more challenging to twist and turn if you can’t handle its weight. The complications increase further if you like performing hoverboard tricks, even if they are simple ones for beginners. The weight also impacts battery longevity and range, so choose wisely. You can either check the manufacturer’s details regarding the weight of the hoverboard itself or discuss the details with the providers before purchasing.

Hoverboards are a compact and efficient travel mode designed professionally. However, not all hoverboards are the same in terms of safety. Statistics reveal that over 40% of hoverboard accidents result in fractures—which is a serious concern. Similarly, since hoverboards are increasingly popular with youngsters, there’s a chance they might take an interest in them.

There’s nothing wrong with a child wanting a self-balancing scooter. But the question arises, Is a hoverboard suitable for a 7-year-old? The legal obligations for age differ slightly for every country. For instance, in Australia, hoverboards are suitable for children eight and up. Therefore, you must keep it in mind. Moreover, there are several laws that buyers should know about before purchasing these gadgets. 

You can always buy the safest hoverboard on the market, but that still doesn’t guarantee you won’t get into an accident. Hoverboards are pretty efficient nowadays, but they are still gadgets. Riders must know their safety precautions even when riding on a smooth surface. Accident and injury risks increase further while riding the hoverboard on uneven surfaces. It is why off-road hoverboards are currently so popular.

Nonetheless, owning the right safety gear for your hoverboard trips can make all the difference. We recommend carefully outlining the safety gear and knowing the right company for purchase. Here’s a list of the most commonly used hoverboard gear for safety.

  • Helmets;
  • Gloves;
  • LED Light (Green Light).

You should upgrade your safety gear timely to avoid using worn-out safety material, which is equally dangerous.

Should hoverboards zoom past the traffic or take you comfortably to your destination? There’s no single right answer. It’s because different hoverboards have different speed capacities, making them ideal for travel. You might also wonder, Are hoverboards dangerous? That’s not the case. The average hoverboard has a maximum speed ranging between 6 and 16 miles per hour. It isn’t too fast, making it all come down to your riding skills.

We recommend taking the time to practice riding the hoverboard and gradually speeding it up. More importantly, you can begin practising on your private property and move onto the roads when ready. However, Hooveroo’s Elektra hoverboard is great if you want something extraordinary. It’s comfortable, has high speed, and is easy to ride. You can purchase it today and start practising right away.

One of the biggest benefits of a hoverboard is its portability. It’s annoying to be stuck in traffic jams for endless hours, especially if you are short on time. If you’ve ever been stuck on your way back home or when you needed to reach somewhere urgent— you know what we’re talking about.

The portability of the hoverboard makes it one of the most ideal transpiration options for travelling. These hoverboards can fit into tight spaces. Since you are standing on them and most hoverboards carry one person only, getting out of tight situations shouldn’t be a problem. Similarly, the hoverboards are pretty space efficient, and you can easily store them anywhere you want. Some hoverboards also have foldable designs, making them more efficient.

A major reason for the success of hoverboards as a transport option is their sustainability. These hoverboards are electrically charged, providing a more efficient option. Moreover, these hoverboards have zero carbon emissions, making them an environmentally friendly option. Despite the option to recharge, the efficiency of these charging systems makes a huge impact. The hoverboard batteries are long-lasting and are designed to conserve energy for longer. They are highly efficient and can charge up to their full capacity within a few hours.

All you have to do is plug them into an outlet like other gadgets and let them charge. However, it’s not wise to leave it on charging overnight. If you leave the hoverboard unattended, there’s a chance of fire acting up. We recommend charging it for 3-4 hours during the day, right after work, so that you can plug it out timely.

Hoverboards are an amazing transportation and gift choice for people of all ages. These hoverboards are available in various designs, making them ideal for everyone. They are compact, affordable, and energy-efficient, making them the best option for your purchase.

However, your experience with them depends on the kind of hoverboard you purchase. We recommend carefully considering the factors we’ve discussed before purchasing. However, if you want to save yourself from unnecessary complications, a reliable hoverboard manufacturer like Hoveroo is an ideal pick for you.

We have a long-running market reputation for quality self-balancing scooters. We also have the best accessories for these hoverboards, making them a go-to option for everyone. Take the time to view our products; you should have a pleasant experience with these hoverboards. You can also discuss product details if you need instant details.